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June 16th, Roosevelt Island Day, 2018...

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June 16th, Roosevelt Island Day, 2018...

Yes, a funny thing did happen on the way to Roosevelt Island Day, 2018: RIOC  lost all its friends. Unlike any previous year, according to yesterday's announcement, RIOC seems to be going it alone. The poster above tells its own deflated story - as if they needed another example of their disconnection from the resident community.

For comparison, see last year's poster below.

June 16th, Roosevelt Island Day, 2018...

Gone for 2018 are sponsors Urban American and the Roosevelt Island Youth Program, which most realize RIOC crushed after 40 years of service.

Gone, also, are contributors Island Kids, RIRA, RISA, RIVAA, Island House, Westview & Rivercross.

This time around, it's all about RIOC doing it solo.

For contrast, last year, as we reported, the day was chock full of activities and community participation:

You can start your day with the Residents Association. They start giving out free, get acquainted bagels and coffee at 9:00. Kicking activities off at the same time, join A Living Library for flower planting.

A highlight every year is a petting zoo set up by Island Kids. Children get a chance to get to know animals to which they normally have little access close up. The zoo opens at 10:00.

Also for kids, games and pony rides get going at noon.

But before that, at 11:00, the RI Garden Club oversees herb planting farther down Main Street near the Farmer's Market, and RIOC rolls out its Tie-Dye T-Shirt Station.

For grownups, RIRA manages an all day Blood Drive across the street at the Senior Center, your chance to contribute to an established, annual success while saving enough energy for Dave Brown and the Versatiles  in a lively concert of dance music inspired by artists from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga.

Nearby, until 4:00, artists from Gallery RIVAA offer free drawing classes and portraits for anyone who chances to stop by, and from 10:00 until 3:00, the Roosevelt Island explorers lead creative expeditions through Blackwell Park.

In 2016, the Roosevelt Islander blog reported a similar line up.

For 2018, RIOC lists the following:

  • 9 a.m. – noon: Island-wide planting and beautification (Volunteers will receive a free R.I. Day t-shirt)
  • Noon – 3 p.m.: Rides, Amusements, Petting Zoo and more!
  • 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.: Live concert at Good Shepherd Plaza

Although it doesn't do much to ramp up the enthusiasm, RIOC adds a note: "More information about the event's volunteer activities will be posted soon on our website at"

What became of the sponsors, apart from the Roosevelt Island Youth Program, and contributors is unknown. What is known is that, if they're still in the game, RIOC's claiming all the credit.

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