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A Secret Exit for Roosevelt Island?

Peter McCarthy
A Secret Exit for Roosevelt Island?
©David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

Only the bravest will try to comprehend the incomprehensible EXIT sign posted mid Island along Main Street. What are we exiting? Anyone?

RIOC has long been justifiably criticized for its profound failure, after many promises, to put up signage to help anyone get around Roosevelt Island.

Just last evening, public relations specialist Janet Falk roasted the Board at their monthly meeting for failing to come through on many promised improvements, leaving visitors and new residents without a clue - or inspiration - about what's where.

But who could predict this?

Is it a gift from the makers of the weird and infamous pot smoking sign?

A giant EXIT sign, noticeably larger than the STOP sign with which it shares a pole, advises drivers coming up East Main Street that the road ahead, past Blackwell House, the WIRE buildings and Good Shepherd Community Center is the way out of Roosevelt Island, not into the soon to be vibrant and revived central core.

Somehow, we don't think the many people appealing to RIOC for signage over the years had this in mind.

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