Roosevelt Island To Host Event After 7 Years on Governor's Island

RIOC's Big Coup, Landing FIGMENT NYC, Beginning Next Year

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FIGMENT Paviiion on Governor's Island
FIGMENT Paviiion on Governor's Island

"For one weekend each summer, FIGMENT transforms the historic 172-acre island into a magical land filled with collaborative artwork and music," the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported last June. The same will be true for 2019, except the historic island will now be Roosevelt, not Governors,

The "Magical FIGMENT NYC" moves from its home on Governor's Island, relocating to Roosevelt Island.

What is FIGMENT?

RIOC's Big Coup, Landing FIGMENT NYC, Beginning Next Year

"FIGMENT is a free participatory arts event that celebrates creativity by challenging artists and participants to find new ways to create, share, and dream," according to its website, adding, "FIGMENT NYC will take place on Roosevelt Island at Lighthouse Park."

The date is June 1st and 2nd, 2019.

Although specifics for the event are in the formative stages, RIOC said in a public announcement that a primary attraction will be The City of Dreams 2019 Pavilion. Accelerating the excitement will be a design competition for the structure.

RIOC's Big Coup, Landing FIGMENT NYC, Beginning Next Year

"FIGMENT has teamed with the Emerging New York Architects Committee (ENYA) of the American Institute of Architects NY Chapter (AIANY) and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY) to host a competition to design and construct an architectural pavilion in Lighthouse Park," said RIOC Public Information Officer Alonza Robertson. "The 2019 pavilion will be the ninth City of Dreams Pavilion, and first on Roosevelt Island."

It's a major win for the Island of Art concept kindled and championed by the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association. RIOC has routinely supported the concept since President/CEO Robert Ryan offered the group free gallery space in the abandoned Bigelow Pharmacy, 17 years ago.

Support accelerated under current RIOC head Susan Rosenthal who sees it as a key defining element for the community.

RIOC's Big Coup, Landing FIGMENT NYC, Beginning Next Year

“During my administration, we have focused on rebuilding the Island’s infrastructure and also developing new and innovative community programs that expand upon the Island’s ideals that include art, culture, diversity and inclusion. The 2019 City of Dreams Pavilion Competition is the epitome of that,” Rosenthal told The Daily.

Earlier this summer, Rosenthal and Stephen Noone, Assistant Vice President, Capital Planning and Projects, twice met with David Koren, the Executive Producer of Figment Project, expressing RIOC’s interest, touring our available spaces for the event and other logistics.

In the second meeting, RIOC’s Community Affairs team, Director Erica Spencer-EL and Manager Jessica Murray, joined the discussions. It was soon after that Koren decided to move the project to the Island.

What, When, Where

According to RIOC's announcement, "The City of Dreams Pavilion will be a gathering place for people to meet, learn about the arts programs on Roosevelt Island, enjoy a performance or lecture, and enjoy this temporary structure. The theme for the pavilion, the City of Dreams, points toward the future. If we imagine a future New York City where anything is possible, what would it look like? In our wildest and most optimistic dreams, what is the future of the city?"

As for the design competition..

"The 2019 competition will be a two-stage process, in which a jury of leading architects and other industry professionals will review initial submissions and select a number of finalists. These finalists will receive comments and will have the opportunity to revise their proposals. The jury will meet again and select the competition winner in January 2019."

To learn more about proposal criteria, requirements and deadlines click here.

RIOC's Big Coup, Landing FIGMENT NYC, Beginning Next Year

Exciting times ahead as the Island of Art idea will finally stretch the length of Roosevelt Island, from the landscape and structural architecture in FDR Four Freedoms Park, across from the United Nations in Midtown, all the way north to the historic Lighthouse built to guide mariners through the conflicting currents of Hell Gate where East and Harlem Rivers merge with Long Island Sound.


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