Lynne Shinozaki will lead the RIRA Common Council as President
Lynne Shinozaki will lead the RIRA Common Council as President
Photo credit: Irina Island Images

In elections for the Common Council and Residents Association Officers, Lynne Shinozaki ran unopposed but scored a strong vote of support with 1,237 residents giving her a check mark. In the contest for Vice President, David Lawson of Westview won. Shinozaki lives in Manhattan Park.

Even the most hotly contested contest, for Vice President, drew only 1,291 votes. For comparison, the general state and federal elections recorded 2,331 ballots. RIRA draws from a bigger pool because resident voters are not required to be citizens or even to register.

New President Shinozaki will be challenged to make the Common Council relevant. A go along to get along style plagued the administrations of outgoing President Escobar, resulting in a general lack of community enthusiasm about the body and its work.

Only three complexes, Island House, Westview and the Octagon, can claim to field a full roster of representatives because not enough candidates were willing to run. 546 Main Street got only a single write-in vote with two seats available.

Even so, those results were better than 2016 when Island House alone claimed full representation.

That may be the result of energy stirred by dynamic change anticipated under Shinozaki's leadership.

Attached for download is a full list of candidates and the voting results.


  1. RIRA 2018 Election Results (77.86 KB)