Comprehensive Community Survey

Speak Up and Be Heard, Roosevelt Island: Rate Community Services

Speak Up and Be Heard, Roosevelt Island: Rate Community Services

After seeing intriguing results in our flash survey on Roosevelt Island Services, we've decided to run it again as a major, three week survey, beginning today, October 2nd, to get a better look at how we all feel about what's available for our community. How will this help?

Note: All voting ends at 6:00 a.m. on Monday, October 23rd.

  • We will present the results of what you tell us as a community to elected and unelected officials from Ben Kallos to Governor Cuomo to make each better informed about us and our needs.
  • Here at The Daily, we will use your input as guidance for what we should cover and how.
  • This completely anonymous survey - no one, including us - will know who voted up or down or provided comments. You're voting in secret. Feel free to let it all out.

Although it takes no more than five minutes to complete, Services on Roosevelt Island Part 2 is no simple Yes/No questionnaire.

From a selection of services, you get to vote three times, twice to approve of what we have and once to disapprove. It's been scientifically shown that this yields the most comprehensive report on community likes and dislikes.

And you will also be invited to make comments to further clarify your votes.

Results will be shared after the poll closes on October 23rd at 6:00

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