E Trains Replace F Trains To And From Roosevelt Island

August 19th and 20th, Weekend Subway Service Changes Explained

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The Roosevelt Island Subway Station will be the same, but the trains won't be. This weekend, we get on and off E Trains.
The Roosevelt Island Subway Station will be the same, but the trains won't be. This weekend, we get on and off E Trains.
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Forget trying to figure out why - maybe an MTA scheduler got bored and switched things up for a laugh - but you won't be able to get to or from Roosevelt Island, this weekend, by hopping on an F Train. Don't fret, though. You can take an E, instead. It's a little complicated, but we sort it out for you.

F Trains - remember, you're not supposed to figure out why - will be running all weekend, just not here. Mostly, they've operating like E Trains.

Heading into Manhattan, F Trains run along the E route from Roosevelt Avenue in Queens all the way to the Port Authority on 42nd Street along the blue 8th Avenue Line. There, Fs morph into A Trains, going express to Jay Street/MetroTech in Brooklyn.

Bottom line: You can't use the Coney Island bound F Train for anything you normally would.

Queens bound Fs are different in that they follow their normal route until they reach Rockefeller Center. Then, they switch over to the E Line from there to Roosevelt Avenue.

What's a Subway Rider to Do? Getting Here from There

So, the Tram is packed, the Q102 is slow and cabs are expensive, what do you do?

You take the E Train, of course. 

Service to and from Roosevelt Island will be pretty much the same as E Trains substitute for F Trains.

Es from Queens make all the normal stops into Manhattan until 34th Street/Herald Square where they terminate. For practical purposes, this means no local 6th Avenue service toward Brooklyn south of Midtown.

Coming home to Roosevelt Island, resist the urge to board any F heading in what would normally be the right direction. After Rockefeller Center, those trains swing onto the E route toward Queens.

While it, of course, makes no sense whatsoever, a smart traveler going home to Roosevelt Island will take an E Train instead. While Fs swing off on the E Line, Es follow the usual F route from Rockefeller Center to Roosevelt Island and 21st Street/Queensbridge.

We told you not to try figuring out why. You can't. We hope you didn't try.

For the most part, we should do just fine... as long as we don't try to make any sense of it at all. It's New York. Go with the flow.

Service changes begin Friday night at around 11:45 p.m. and continue until about 4:45 a.m. on Monday.

For up to date details, click on The Weekender, then pick any train to see what hijinks the MTA has scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.

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