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Roosevelt Island's (Big) Week Ahead

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The Very Good, This Week
The Very Good, This Week

Happenings this week for our Roosevelt Island community range from historic to inconveniences to delights of the moment. It's a week bound to have lasting effects, at least a couple well worth remembering.

Monday steps in the stew right away with a partial Tram shutdown just as kids are returning to school. With only a single cabin in use all week, RIOC helps out only evening rush, launching hourly shuttle buses from Roosevelt Island to the 2nd Avenue Tram Plaza and bringing passengers right back until 8:30. The likely long lines, we hope, will fade from memory, not to be revived soon.

Tuesday may evade igniting a short fuse to the incendiary Roosevelt Island Youth Center issues, shrouding Operations Committee discussions in executive (closed the public) session. They will take up the matter of a change in Gallery RIVAA's Public Purpose Fund Grant before shooing us out, however. On tap for the Real Estate Advisory Committee, immediately following, is the fate of the generally unloved "RI Welcome Monument." Meetings begin at 5:30. Details here.

On Wednesday, The Carter Burden Network supplies a bright spot when COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY STUDENTS present “Nutrition and Cognition: Brain Foods” from 1:00 to 2:00 at the Roosevelt Island Senior Center, 546 Main Street.

Thursday brings the good, the bad and the ugly, except you'll have to throw away "the bad" and add "very good" as the J. Luce Foundation celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a Gala Awards Ceremony to which you are invited. "The ugly" will likely be the arrival of a fresh version of Roosevelt Island at its worst as RIOC's March Board Meeting follows up a cringe-worthy January debacle by considering an award to the Roosevelt Island Youth Program - for a bid they've won twice - and a second life or death decision on the  the 9-foot tall, red Helvetica fonts that have been granted the title of "RI Welcome Monument." 

Friday, those still standing are encouraged to join New York City Road Runners weekly Striders walking session at 10:45, starting out at the Senior Center. A breath of fresh air can only help.

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