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Tram's Back To Normal, But RIOC Doesn't Want You To Know

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Tram's Back To Normal, But RIOC Doesn't Want You To Know
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Thursday evening, at 7:17 p.m., RIOC posted a lackadaisical notice that "both Tram cabins will be back in service temporarily" on its *Facebook Page. The State agency, which has been repeatedly lambasted for poor communications, sent nothing out through its general email alert system, posted no flyers and failed to update its online Tram repair project advisory. Why?

You can check for yourself, if you've got the patience for RIOC's ultra slow loading webpage. The last Tram update is dated February 28th, and the last tweet was put up on March 6th, about the March 10th shutdown. 

Even as Friday rolled up to the weekend, RIOC - maybe dazzled by the early spring weather - didn't lift a finger to inform the community, except maybe the Jersey salute we usually take for granted.

So, in the absence of any genuine communications from RIOC, here's what was posted on Thursday on Facebook. Caveat emptor.

Tram Update:

Please be advised that both Tram cabins will be back in service temporarily, starting tomorrow, Friday, March 15th, until the next phase of the project begins. An advisory will be sent out when only one tram cabin will be operating.

Red Bus Shuttle service will not be necessary during this time. All traffic patterns, elevator, and stair access will return to normal.

Thanks to the cooperation of the community and the daily commuters, we were able to finish the first phase of the project earlier than anticipated. No further Sunday Tram shutdowns will be needed. 

*Full disclosure: We do not consider RIOC's Facebook Page a reliable source of information as it is not available to the widest range of residents.

Yes, RIOC previously promised a separate alert to aid the elderly, families with strollers and physically challenged would be sent whenever the elevator returned to service. A casual mention buried in a Facebook post hardly fits the bill, but this is what we've come to expect - not accept - from RIOC.

Characterize it as you like, it's far below the standard our community deserves from the unelected controllers at 591 Main Street.

And it is good news, after all, however undistributed.

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