David Stone
Waiting Room at Roosevelt Island Urgent Care
Waiting Room at Roosevelt Island Urgent Care

Your child spikes a fever on Saturday afternoon. Abdominal pain prevents you from sleeping. You cut your finger preparing lunch. Or maybe, you can only spare time on Sunday for that flu shot. Amplified by life in an isolated community, these are a few of the many ways we can benefit from using our new neighbor Roosevelt Island Urgent Care.

Where Does Urgent Care Fit In?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly half of all people who go to emergency rooms go there, not because of a life threatening situation, but just because their doctor's office is not open.

But "we care for most sick patients and can prevent unnecessary visits to the emergency room," RIUC's medical director says. "It is my hope that this new service will provide quality and timely care for residents."

The American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine puts it simply:

"Urgent care does not replace your primary care physician. An urgent care center is a convenient option when someone's regular physician is on vacation or unable to offer a timely appointment. Or, when illness strikes outside of regular office hours, urgent care offers an alternative to waiting for hours in a hospital Emergency Room."

These values are increased by easy access to Urgent Care in an isolated community like ours. At 520 Main Street, directly across from Rivercross, RIUC is an easy five minute walk or free bus ride for almost any resident.

Our abundant play spaces, our large number of children and limited availability of medical facilities combine to heighten RIUC's value. 

Why Come To Roosevelt Island Urgent Care?

No list can cover the myriad of expected and unexpected reasons for accessing a urgent care provider, but Mount Sinai offers a helpful list:

Must I Change My Primary Care Physician?

"No," RIUC's medical director answers emphatically. Urgent Care does not replace your primary care physician. 

Urgent Care is designed to "...prevent the unnecessary long stay in the emergencyroom or having to wait until the following day to see your primary care physician.

"Urgent care services are paid by insurance," he adds, "even if the treating doctor is not your PCP."

No insurance? "We have affordable self-pay rates, and payment plan options, should that be necessary."

Do I Need An Appointment?

"We provide care for patients on a walk in basis," according to RIUC.

A comfortable waiting room awaits, open from 8:00 a.m until 10:00 p.m. weekdays with a slightly later start, 9:00 a.m., on weekends.

Life-threatening emergencies still require a 911 call and treatment in an emergency room, but for the many situations that are not critical but still need immediate attention, Roosevelt Island Urgent Care offers easy access to medical attention.

"Because urgent care practitioners are on the “front lines” of medicine," AAUCM reminds us, "they need to be proficient in evaluating and caring for – at least initially – any patient who walks into an urgent care medicine center or urgent care clinic."

For much of what may ail or pain you, Roosevelt Island Urgent Care brings a great new option to us while eliminating the need to go off island for help.

Just drop in or, if you have questions, make a quick call: (646) 977-7974