Candidate's Statement

Scott Piro Vies To Represent Octagon Residents on Common Council

Scott Piro, Common Council Candidate from The Octagon
Scott Piro, Common Council Candidate from The Octagon

The Daily offers all candidates for the Residents Association Common Council free, unedited space to explain their reasons for running. This is Scott Piro, who wants to represent the Octagon community.

I joined RIRA with two main goals: to improve pedestrian safety among the Island’s less regulated northern roadways and improve the quality of our Island’s dog parks. Achievements directly related to my efforts include vehicle speed monitoring signs on northern Main Street and East Loop Road, benches and “Rules of the Dog Run” signs installed in both dog parks - and an accelerated timetable for the construction of an all-new dog run inside Blackwell Park in 2019. I also created and maintain a Whatsapp group for the Island’s dog community. Building on my success stopping RIOC vehicles from blocking the promenade behind 580 Main Street, if re-elected to The Octagon delegation, I would focus on other safety and quality-of-life promenade issues for pedestrians and joggers - such as limiting fishermen/women to specific zones and keeping Queens-side trees neatly pruned to eliminate concussion hazards.

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