Last Day, Friday, March 8th, Passed Quietly

PPF Expert Sean Singh Extends RIOC Executive Exodus

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PPF Expert Sean Singh Extends RIOC Executive Exodus

Sean Singh, who deftly guided nonprofits through the Public Purpose Grant process for years, departed RIOC on Friday in much the same style with which he did his work, quietly and gracefully. Respecting Singh's request, management allowed his departure to go unannounced.

One of RIOC's most respected public servants among Roosevelt Island residents, Sean Singh resigned from the State agency, after 11 years. His last day was March 8th, Friday. 

Management sources confirmed that Singh specifically asked that no public announcement be made. He did not explain why.

"We are sorry to see him go and thank him for his service," President/CEO Susan Rosenthal told The Daily. "We wish him all the best!"

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A boatload of residents would agree, and many will regret missing the chance to wish Singh farewell in person.

PPF Expert Sean Singh Extends RIOC Executive Exodus

Officially, Singh's job title was "grant writer," but he was much more.

His handling of the Public Purpose Fund process was as free of controversy as it was fraught with emotional pitfalls in an arena defined by nonprofits critically dependent on getting their share of the limited available money.

He was seen as an insightful, helpful expert who remarkably, to the best of our knowledge, was never accused of playing favorites or having ulterior motives.

Sean Singh earned a reputation for fairness and integrity, even among residents prone to distrust.

He will be missed.


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