Snow and Cold

Not Just Snow, 3 Hard Days Ahead

Updated 49 weeks ago David Stone
Not Just Snow, 3 Hard Days Ahead

Public schools have already been closed, the leading edge of snow is sliding into New York, and early today, winds are whistling outside our windows, but if what we're hit with this morning's the worst of it, we'll be lucky. And that's not likely to be the case.

Snow forecasts vary from 4 to 10 inches of snow with the most intense onslaught of flakes and strong winds expected to hobble morning rush hour.

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While here on Roosevelt Island RIOC seems to have been caught napping, with none of the usual weather alerts or word about Main Street parking, Mayor Bill de Blasio is sounding alarms.

"Everyone has to take this seriously," he said in a press conference, last night.

"Whether you’re driving, whether you’re walking, these are going to be tough conditions to move around in. People should right away start thinking about changing your routine, if you can. If you don’t need to be on the road, you shouldn’t tomorrow morning. If you can use mass transit as an alternative, that’s better. If you don’t need to be out walking around in these conditions, please avoid it or keep your time outside to a minimum."

But as veterans of Northeast winters know, a half-foot of snow is a nuisance, an annoyance we make our way through, and we get back to normal pretty quickly.

The greater danger is the cold that will follow.

We'll get a hint of what's to come when, as the snow flies this morning, the winds swirling it will also be driving temperatures down all day. By late evening, we'll be in the teens, and we won't get back above 20 until Monday.

The Mayor continued, "It will also be very cold. Right now – tomorrow, we expect cold temperatures; Friday, even more. We expect that by the end of Friday, going into the evening Friday, the wind chill – including the wind chill, we’ll be at negative-20. I want everyone to hear that loud and clear – for Friday evening, including wind chill, we’re projecting the effective temperature of negative-20 in New York City."

Cold is the greatest hazard for the next few days.

It's important in a relatively isolated community like ours that all of us look out for our vulnerable neighbors, those elderly, frail of disabled. Check in to be sure they have groceries, water and heat. If anything isn't right, call 311 for help.

In the meantime, dream about that warm up starting on Monday.

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