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UPDATE: 2019 Sketch4Freedom Theme: "Light & Shadow"

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UPDATE: 2019 Sketch4Freedom Theme: "Light & Shadow"

FDR Four Freedoms Park's annual Sketch4Freedom plan to get a quick start during Manhattanhenge got canceled when rain washed out the event, but don't worry. FDR Four Freedoms Park tells The DailyOur Sunset Sketching Workshop has been rescheduled to Sunday, July 14 from 10am-12pm; registration is available for the workshop here.

2019 Theme: Light & Shadow

"The Park's architect, Louis Kahn," an offical announcement explains, "gave special attention to the interplay of sunlight and shadows in his design, making the memorial a fantastic backdrop with which to explore this theme from a variety of different angles and interpretations."

This is more true than ever now that the converging rows of trees bordering the meadow mature. Light and shadow shift subtly throughout the day and into the evening as the Park's features receive, reflect and offer shade.

"Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to submit sketches developed at FDR Four Freedoms State Park for a chance to win limited edition Four Freedoms State Park merchandise, a $300 gift certificate to Blick Art Materials, and the opportunity to have their work reach a wider audience."

Indeed, Richard Clements Serene Space, which illustrates the poster above, won last year. Hugo Barros Costa, who will host the artists meetup during the lead up to Manhattanhenge, took top honors in 2017 with Walking On Freedom

Submissions for 2019's Sketch4Freedom are being accepted until September 30th. Get complete details, including restrictions for working inside the Park and how to submit here.

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