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Suraj Patel Seizes The Times In Fight For Congress

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Suraj Patel Seizes The Times In Fight For Congress

Unseating an entrenched congress member after 25 years in office may be a lot like hiking the Matterhorn against a stiff downhill gale. But that’s exactly what Suraj Patel plans to do, taking on New York’s 12th District incumbent in a primary battle.

After Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 and the election of Donald Trump, resurgent progressives rapidly moved to reformat the party in a model intensely focused on greater democracy to unsettle the complacency that lead to losing. 

Inspired by Bernie Sanders assault on the establishment, progressives came charging forward as Suraj Patel has, convinced that Democrats can do better as a political party and, more important, as a nation informed by humanitarian values.

Suraj Patel Seizes The Times In Fight For Congress

In his uphill battle, Patel embraces five clearcut positions where he differentiates himself from terrible policies practiced by incumbent Carolyn Maloney.

  • Support Vaccines: Standing up for science and support for evidence-based policies. Maloney’s decade long activism against vaccines, refuting reputable science and medical practice that’s saved literally millions of lives, making false claims that they cause autism, is as disgraceful as Republican climate change deniers or worse
  • Fight Income Inequality: Fighting for fairer taxes, equal pay and debt-free college for all is balanced against Maloney’s support for repealing Wall Street regulations intended to protect the public from the risks that brought on the 2009 financial crash.
  • End Mass Incarceration: Patel wants large-scale criminal justice reform and legalization of marijuana while Maloney voted for mandatory life sentences for drug offenses.
  • Protect Immigrants: Patel actively supports Dreamers and hopes to defund ICE, used extensively by Trump. Maloney voted with Republicans in favor of mass deportations.
  • Diplomacy First: “No Trump wars,” says Patel who strongly supports peace deals brokered by Obama. Maloney sides with Trump’s Republicans against Iran’s nuclear disarmament deal and voted in favor of George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraqi that lead to tens of thousands of deaths, including 4,000 Americans.
  • Curtail Corruption: In fundraising, Patel rejects PAC money and its outsized influence on politics. Maloney, according to OpenSecrets.org, accepted more than a half-million in PAC contributions from groups she’s expected to regulate.

 Patel campaigned on Roosevelt Island, last weekend. See the photos on Facebook.

Why vote for Suraj Patel to replace Carolyn Maloney…?

Suraj Patel Seizes The Times In Fight For Congress

“I'm running for Congress because I'm dedicated to making this world more just, more equal, more free…”

Says Patel: “I have an obligation now to get off the sidelines. My family was able to thrive because we had access to opportunities that are being taken away right now. And we’re at an inflection point where we can either look away from what’s happening in our country, or we can address these problems head on.

“To me, the ‘American dream’ isn’t about accomplishments. It's about opportunity. It’s a belief in the equal dignity and worth of every human being. It's about giving people the freedom to go about their lives, and ensuring they have the space to flourish. It’s about bringing the spirit of hospitality into our government, to care for others.”

 Democrats vote for Suraj Patel in the June 26th Primary.

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