Avoiding A "Grim Christmas"

Come on, Roosevelt Island: Let's help our stores.

David Stone
RIHS Kiosk is well-stocked and waiting for you.
RIHS Kiosk is well-stocked and waiting for you.

The holidays are here, and it's not just a wonderful time for family and friends. It's the best chance for many merchants to make some money, a situation critical along Roosevelt Island's Main Street. Will you help?

Roosevelt Islanders have good reason to frown at empty storefronts, the residue of the Shops On Main failure. 

But that's not a reason to let down the merchants who've stuck with it and continue to serve the community in spite of failed promises of promotion and false information.

Let's Spend Some Money on Main Street

Only a few days remain, but between now and New Year's Day, in the spirit of giving, let's give local businesses a boost.

Look good after a fix up at Roosevelt Nails or Fusion Salon. There are holiday parties, family gatherings, and wouldn't you just love to look great on New Year's Day?

Another way to make the season bright is shopping the RIHS Kiosk in the Tram Plaza. Visitors love it, but the slant on gifts and souvenirs is local. You don't have to be from out of town to appreciate a Roosevelt Island themed mug or a subway replica.

Get fit plans for the New Year.
Get fit plans for the New Year.

Never too late to get fit and stay local.

Island Wine & Spirits is a well-stocked option for filling your wine rack or snagging some bubbly for a New Year's Eve toast.

And let's not forget great places to eat, all Graded A by the Department of Health and ready to serve on Main. Fuji East, Nisi, Subway, China One and Liukoushui have seating. But if you'd rather enjoy the comforts of home, each of the deliver, as do Wholesome Factory and Bread & Butter Market.

And we'd really be leaving something out if we didn't mention the spirit of giving charitably. The Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) and Main Street Theatre and Dance Alliance (MST&DA) serve all year, adding class and color to Main Street. Consider a cash donation. It'll do more good than you can imagine.

And who looks after our seniors with scant support for RIOC or Hudson Related? The Carter Burden Network, in just three years, has turned our Senior Center into a class operation and the envy of other neighborhoods across the city.

Roosevelt Islanders, let's do good, and let's do right. Spread some cheer along Main Street. They deserve it, and your generosity will last all year.

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