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No More Dull Lunches: The café @ Cornell Tech

Updated 27 weeks ago David Stone
Just around the corner from the Tram, the café @ Cornell Tech is two short blocks from Riverwalk Commons and the F Train.
Just around the corner from the Tram, the café @ Cornell Tech is two short blocks from Riverwalk Commons and the F Train.
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The café @ Cornell Tech, Starr Catering's uniquely creative option for Roosevelt Island, steps up its pleasures with theme weeks, starting now as campus life resumes after the winter recess. With the same river to river views that Cornell Tech was architected to appreciate, rolling lawns and, for the practical, free WiFi and abundant meeting space, the café's easy access helps abolish the routine and regular from lunches and breakfasts. And now, theme weeks accenting dining choices make the place nearly irresistible.

Even before they kicked off the first theme week, Italian, on January 22nd, I wasn't able to walk through the café without seeing someone I knew taking advantage of all the the café @ Cornell Tech has to offer.

Dan and Lynne were meeting at a table by a window that faced downriver, the United Nations over their shoulders. Doug, a mobile worker, found personal work space, abandoning his apartment as well as his former goto location to haul in the free WiFi and spread paperwork around his laptop.

I was also surprised when I found another acquaintance, Floyd, with a fresh pizza I didn't know they offered, and that was after I was able to sample a terrific sushi roll created on the spot by one of the chefs.

the café is just not an ordinary place to eat and enjoy the company and environment, although it's all of that. But it's the fresh ideas and the energy to bring them to fruition for the enjoyment of customers that's made Starr a popular favorite from Carnegie Hall to the National Art Gallery in Washington. 

That brings us to theme weeks. Again, there's nothing ordinary about it.

Italian Week isn't just ravioli and Bolognese. 

You can see for yourself by checking the weekly menu hot linked above, but just to get your taste buds going, expect herbed linguini, eggplant rollantini, fire roasted tomato chili to go along with the regulars - minestrone, anyone? - we've all come to love.

Does that sound like the same old, same old lunch menu?

Plan to get onboard as the café @ Cornell Tech rolls out more tasty temptations as we make our way into spring.

And don't forget about brunch on weekends.

the café is open from 8:00 to 5:00 on weekdays and 8:00 to 3:00 on weekends.

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