Original Musical at MST&DA Children's Theatre

Roosevelt Island Kids Got Talent: Rehearsal for "The Monkey King"

David Stone
Roosevelt Island Kids Got Talent: Rehearsal for "The Monkey King"

Two weeks out from the first public performance, energy charges the Howe Theatre in the Cultural Center as rehearsals for The Monkey King shape what we'll see, beginning on May 11th. I stopped by to take a look. Here's a little bit of what I saw.

Coordinators in the creative team work in unison as the spotlight illuminates a stage aswarm with kids.

Assistant Director Kaitlyn Abdul, an MST&DA veteran, takes charge of maintaining order that doesn't come naturally to kids while Director Kimbirdlee Fadner races up and down the empty theatre aisles, doing whatever directors must do, and creative and life partner Jonathan Fadner sits at the piano behind the actors, playing original songs he composed for this show.

But the real action is under the lights where Children's Theatre talented students set the stage, hit their marks and perform with discipline, determination and inspiring skill. A group of 20, working together, does justice to a musical written and put on stage just for them for the first time.

This is all I can show you for now. You'll have to come back on May 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th to see the final, polished product. Details and how to get tickets here.

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