Totally Fit or Bust

Ready To Accept Lisa Fernandez's Challenge?

Updated 26 weeks ago David Stone
Total Fitness Instructor Linda Nguyen
Total Fitness Instructor Linda Nguyen
Photo courtesy of Linda Nguyen

There are risks in covering local activities. One is that you might get challenged to participate as I was with Linda Nguyen's new Total Fitness Program at the CBN/RI Senior Center. I tossed it right back at Director Lisa Fernandez, and she accepted. Now, we challenge all of you to join us on Monday morning.

Fitness is for everyone, and as we age, the need to pay attention increases, which is what intrigues me about Nguyen's approach.

She includes "...strength training with weights, range of motion activities, gentle stretching and we finish off with some dancing." Sounds fun, doesn't it?

No better way to make time for fitness in your routine. So, we are challenging you! 

Meet up with Lisa and me at the Senior Center, 546 Main Street, on Monday at 10:00. Let's see what Total Fitness is all about.

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