Meet Linda Nguyen, Total Fitness Instructor at CBN/RI Senior Center

David Stone
Linda Nguyen, Total Fitness Instructor, CBN/RI Senior Center
Linda Nguyen, Total Fitness Instructor, CBN/RI Senior Center
Photo courtesy of Linda Nguyen

At the CBN/RI Senior Center, 546 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, newcomer Linda Nguyen looks to raise fitness levels with biweekly classes, employing multiple techniques to condition your body for improved health and an easier daily life. Join me and Lisa Fernandez as we give her class a try on Monday, August 20th, at 10:00.

First, meet Linda Nguyen.

"Recently, I graduated with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Stony Brook University, and I have a Bachelors in Nutrition from Hunter College. I have dabbled in different forms of movement classes in the past such as hip hop, salsa, tango, yoga, jazz and contemporary," she told us as an introduction.

Click for Details
Click for Details

Her class, Total Body Fitness, sets the Senior Center in motion on Mondays from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 and on Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. until 11:30. (Note: this coming week will be an exception with a single session on Thursday, August 16th, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m., and no classes on Monday or Wednesday.) 

What to expect... 

"Everyone is free to join regardless of fitness level," says Nguyen. "Activities are modified accordingly and a portion of the class in done in sitting. The fitness class includes strength training with weights, range of motion activities, gentle stretching and we finish off with some dancing."

Sounds like fun to me, and not just that. Improved strength and agility means a better life with fewer risks of injury meaning more opportunity to enjoy the good things.

The challenge... 

CBN Director Lisa Fernandez challenged me to set down my laptop long enough to give Total Fitness a real time try. And I tossed it right back at her.

The result? Lisa and I will both let Linda Nguyen take us through the paces in her class on Monday, August 20th, at 10:00. We invite you to join us.

Let's all get fit together!


Maiella, Italian dining by the water, just five minutes from Main Street
Maiella, Italian dining by the water, just five minutes from Main Street

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