David Stone
Update: Kitten Twins Find A Loving Home

UPDATE: In our house, we've had tabbies in residence for 25 years. We treasure our black cats too, but the love and companionship of a tabby is an unmatched thrill. Now, someone is going to double their pleasure, and WFF says, as of today, these sweet little tabbies have already landed in their forever home.

Here's how you can bring home a pair of 3-month old kittens that will make you laugh every day and comfort you when you need it. All they ask is a loving dose of the same.

As Mark Twain noted, you may have a home, but you can't claim title without a cat. It's just not home without one.

These kittens have been rescued by Roosevelt Island's own, remarkable Wildlife Freedom Foundation.

Update: Kitten Twins Find A Loving Home

Learn more about this pair by emailing the Wildlife Freedom Foundation. (Click or copy and paste: wffny.info@gmail.com)

Once you live with tabbies for a while, this claim becomes more of a truism. Tabby personalities imprint your home.

There's the heart-skipping joy of play with a cat or, better yet, of laughing at the antics of a pair delighting each other with you as their captive audience.

Update: Kitten Twins Find A Loving Home

There's that, but there's also the unmistakeable love felines develop for their people.

Our first tabby insisted on being let out to greet me at the elevator when I got home from work. My times were different from one day to the next. But he always knew, and he'd cry out loud the instant he saw me. He'd come running in greeting.

Talk about priceless.

I can't guarantee your cat will learn to greet you at the elevator, but having known dozens of cats, I can guarantee he, she or they will warm your heart every day and make you laugh better than any comedian. Cats are nature's clowns.

About these kittens...

Wildlife Freedom Foundation is looking for a home for a sibling pair of 3-month old tabby kittens, a boy and a girl. They can't be separated, but cats are better off with some feline company to go with the human kind anyway.

They'd love to adopt you as their permanent guardian, but if you can foster in a good home, that's great too.

They've been tested for LIV and Feline Leukemia and are free of infections.

Think about it or email the Wildlife Freedom Foundation (wffny.info@gmail.com) right away. These darlings need a place to live, and they will have one soon.