Damage Still Done, But Scars Removed

You're welcome, RIOC. Happy you noticed.

Updated 1 year ago David Stone
Out of sight, out of mind: RIOC mulched away offensive tree stumps.
Out of sight, out of mind: RIOC mulched away offensive tree stumps.
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

It's easy to get frustrated with RIOC's lack of response. Sometimes, they don't answer questions and act like they aren't awake to violations of community values and standards. Sometimes, it's almost like they don't care, but here's an exception of sorts.

A week ago, we reported that someone from the environmental quality wrecking crew out of 591 Main Street had hacked down two more trees, adding to earlier carnage along the West Promenade beside Octagon Field.

The damage was enhanced by leaving ugly stumps basking in the sun, along with a third nearby from an earlier tree-clearing expedition.

But although the harm can't be reversed and they never thanked me for calling their attention to the unsightly trio, they stepped up promptly and mulched the stumps into oblivion. 

As nature gradually absorbs the chips left behind, reminders of lost trees will be fewer.

Older tree stump mulched nearby.
Older tree stump mulched nearby.
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

No need to thank me, but you're welcome, anyway, RIOC, after the cosmetic tree surgery improving this patch of landscape.


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