Elections at Every Government Level, Plus Ballot Measures

Tomorrow's Election Day. Please vote. We share our choices.

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Tomorrow's Election Day. Please vote. We share our choices.

Even non-citizens and others who've never registered get to vote for some candidates tomorrow. If you live in the Octagon or Coler Hospital, you vote at Color. Otherwise, your polling place is PS/IS 217. Polls open at 6:00 a.m.

Following are our choices for contested offices and ballot measures. All Roosevelt Island residents 18 and older are eligible to vote in all Common Council elections.

1) Roosevelt Island Residents Association Common Council: Unfortunately, the top office of President is uncontested again. On the other hand, the candidate is a strong one, Lynne Strong-Shinozaki. Strong-Shinozaki can be expected to return the Common Council toward much needed constructive confrontation with RIOC and to build a broader base among residents that's been lacking for years.

For Vice President, David Lawson, from Westview, goes up against Island House's Frank Farance. We're voting for Farance. Farance's aggressive activism has scored for residents on numerous occasions when he's been willing to take on the status quo and absorb the shots that come with challenging those in power. Lawson's positions reflect the go along to get along philosophy that's made the Common Council ineffective in recent terms.

2) For Congress, Carolyn Maloney. We preferred Suraj Patel in the primary because Maloney has spent years resting on her laurels with little to show for Roosevelt Island, but she's the best bet over Republican Eliot Rabin, a virtual unknown.

3) José Serrano has a wide geographic territory to cover but still regularly finds time for Roosevelt Island. Although we'd prefer he took a stronger stance against RIOC/Cuomo's neglect of our community, among electeds, he's the only one who appears to have any independence.

4) New York State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright has disappointed since her election as an independent candidate ready to take some chances. That independence is so diminished that, in her current run, she resorts to making claims for achievements that don't exist. Her full support for Cuomo's RIOC, not resident constituents, especially in the contaminated water crisis, disqualifies her by itself. We're voting for Lou Puliafito, the Reform Party candidate, to send a message to Albany about its mistreatment of our community.

5) Ballot Initiatives: 

  1. Ballot Initiative #1 seeks to limit and control campaign contributions by empowering public funding, making future elections more democratic. Vote yes.
  2. Ballot Initiative #2 diminishes the role of Borough Presidents and City Council Members by centralizing participatory budgeting. This adds bureaucracy for no good purpose and reduces democracy. Vote no.
  3. Ballot initiative #3 wants to set term limits for service on Community Boards. We generally dislike term limits because they restrict democracy. Establishing them for uncompensated volunteers borders on absurdity. Vote no.

Those are our choice. Whatever yours are, be sure to express them tomorrow in the elections. Do your part to make American representative democracy work.


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