Some Trees Uprooted, Barbecues and Sabrina Relocated

DEP Access Road B To Be Built Behind Octagon

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Project Map for Water Tunnel 3 Temporary Access Road B
Project Map for Water Tunnel 3 Temporary Access Road B

Last summer, RIOC's Compliance and Internal Controls Officer Gretchen Reynolds told us about a second access road the Department of Environmental Protection planned to build behind The Octagon while completing work on Water Tunnel 3. Firmer plans are now being discussed for getting the work started.

"It is my understanding," Reynolds told us at the time, "that the access road located near The Octagon already exists and DEP only needs to shift a couple of the bbq stations and young trees to another location in that general area to accommodate their needs."

There's one additional change. Sabrina, the statue greeting strollers and runners along the West Promenade, will also have to be relocated, according to DEP's Associate Project Manager Justin Rivellino in an email to RIOC obtained by The Daily.

The available map shown above is far from great, but it gives you the general idea.

Access Road B takes advantage of the bed of an old road that once continued Main Street south along the waterfront from where it now takes a sharp left turn toward The Octagon's entrance before continuing past the tennis courts.

You can get a sense of it from what remains between Dayspring Church and the river. A patch of the sidewalk and a bit of curb remain. That best describes the breadth of the project being discussed.

Access Road B is still in the talking stages. No firm plans for construction or duration are in place, but we expect an announcement from RIOC when they know more.

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