Tepid Support, But Changes Needed

Wayfinding Signs: You Spoke, Here Are the Results

Updated 24 weeks ago
Wayfinding Signs: You Spoke, Here Are the Results
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Hearing objections (from Hudson) concerning our article about wayfinding signs installed by Hudson in coordination with RIOC, we offered to poll our readers to get their take on the new feature. Our survey's informal, intended primarily to give voice to opinions other than our own. Here's what you had to say.

Even the most positive spin can't paper over generally disappointing results for Hudson and RIOC.

Our survey's design was to allow for the broadest range of sentiment and comment possible. A few found it confusing, but most did not. Our uninhibited readers were generous with their opinions.

Wayfinding Signs: You Spoke, Here Are the Results

Only 33% agreed with the statement, "They're great. Just what we need."

But 25% endorsed the phrase, "Awful. Take them down and start again."

Instant analysis suggests that the Wayfinding signs' creators didn't get nearly enough input from residents. Over 60% agreed with two defining statements: "They're okay, but they could be better," and "Disappointing but fixable."

In short, voters favor the signs but want Hudson/RIOC to go back to the drawing board for fixes.

What suggestions did you make? Here's a sampling.

  • I think it’s a good start. Possibly need another group of signs with more particulars or add ons for stores.
  • Directional signs are needed for visitors to the Island but these could be improved.
  • What about the ferry, can not understand why they would leave it out.
  • Good idea poorly executed.
  • At least they provide direction.
  • They look fine and are harmless.
  • They are just okay
  • There is nothing here to like.
  • Signs needed but not what they've given us.
  • It is very helpful for the increasing number of visitors to the island.
  • The island definitely needed signs.
  • They're okay.
  • They could be bigger and point to merchants.
  • A child could do better!
  • This wasn't a community process, there's no coordination of the logo "RI" on the signage of Cornell, RIOC, each of the organizations located on the island nor is the logo on buses and Island publications. This is an ad agency's idea of a Roosevelt Island Trade Mark with no one else buying-in to establish it and promote it.
  • They leave off Coler Hospital, Lighthouse Park, and other landmarks.
  • Waste of $$, monuments to David Kramer's arrogance & disrespect to the community.
  • They are designed infinitely better than this survey.
  • Don't help find merchants, orgs, etc. COMPLETELY USELESS!

Hudson, RIOC: Are you listening?

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