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What happens to the Farmer's Market on Roosevelt Island Day...?

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RIVAA President Tad Sudol opens Motorgate Gallery, 2017. Why not add some fruits and vegetables to the ambiance?
RIVAA President Tad Sudol opens Motorgate Gallery, 2017. Why not add some fruits and vegetables to the ambiance?
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After reading our article on RIOC's imperial takeover of Roosevelt Island Day, some readers asked the obvious question: "Where will the Farmer's Market be that day?" "How will RIOC ruin that?" one wondered. "Five bucks it never occurred to them?" I answered. Did I win my bet?

Maybe, maybe not.

Having observed RIOC's soi-disant planning mechanism at a safe distance for a while, I was still surprised by what I was able to dig up. The answer's so RIOC, it resonates as so disengaged, but you still might not have guessed that a well-placed source tells me: the current front runner for the Farmer's Market on June 16th is...

...the Rivercross lawn.

Absorb that for a moment.

Fresh green grass. Sloping lawn. Nowhere to park... Only RIOC, right?

Time for a helpful suggestion: In the not too distant past, in inhospitable weather, the Farmer's Market used to relocate to the Motorgate atrium. It's an even better choice now with the high-ceilinged space spruced up with paintings from previous years' Fall for Arts Festivals.

I propose this at risk. RIOC's likely to view an idea from The Daily as tainted. After all, we've called for their demise and support their boss's challenger for reelection, and RIOC's nothing if it's not political. So, somebody else share this idea with them, please.

And while we're at it, I wonder if RIOC's able to answer another question. Since the Farmer's Market is an unfair giveaway of moneys to the politically saturated PS/IS 217 PTA, which is given an unchallenged gift in "managing" the market, where are they in this? Shouldn't this be a challenge taken up by the group collecting hundreds of dollars every Saturday for exercising their management skills?

There waits a rabbit hole you may not want to go down.

Let's just settle for a good location that gives the Farmer's Market vendors a fair chance to earn some revenue fairly.

Art with broccoli, anyone?

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