Why Pilates?
Photo: Irina Hage/ Irina Island Images

by Karen Mann, Pilates Instructor 

When Joseph Pilates came to the states in the 20’s he had already developed a physical therapy for combatants in the  first world war... Pilates expanded into civilian life and went on to outlive its namesake.

In New York City he worked with professional athletes, musicians, dancers.. Jerome Robbins, George Balanchine and Martha Graham, the actor Jose Ferrer, writer Christopher Isherwood are examples.

He died in 1967, but after his death his apprentices and students passed on his teaching and expanded it to suit the individual needs of new clients. 

“Clients learn how their bodies work..."

Pilates teaches movement. 

For example, Olympians, professional dance companies, even parts of the military learn Pilates. While teaching Pilates instructors explain how to do these movements correctly avoiding pain. 

Clients start to learn how their bodies work and feel safe doing more and more difficult exercises. Students can integrate that knowledge into their daily lives, and they do.

That’s why Pilates!

Karen Mann is a certified Pilates instructor. You can find out more on her website.