David Stone
You Will Vote Next Week

A reminder from the Elections Committee for the Roosevelt Island Residents Association Common Council returns us to the nagging issue of people who don't vote. If you're one of them, you're not only fooling yourself, you're also likely acting against your own best interests.

Item #1 is voting for the Common Council. Every Island resident eighteen and older is eligible to vote. You don't need to be a citizen or even be registered. Your living here is the only requirement. See the poster above for details.

All but Octagon residents vote at PS/IS 217 where state and federal elections are also held. Volunteers will be waiting to help anyone cast a ballot for the Common Council. Those of us living in the Octagon vote at Coler Hospital, next door.

Item #2, if you're registered, are contests for offices and ballot initiatives. 

Here's the thing. You will vote, whether you like it or not. (See Why You Always Vote, Even When You Don't

Not showing up is just as effective as a ballot. An important consequence is that your non-vote may work directly against your interests. (See Vote! Because when you don't, you might get Trump)

Click anywhere for details...
Click anywhere for details...

Do yourself and your neighbors a favor: Vote on November 6th. 

It's the smart thing to do.