Warm Temperatures Limit Snow Totals

Update: After Another Over-Hyped Storm, Sun, 40 and Schools Closed

Update: After Another Over-Hyped Storm, Sun, 40 and Schools Closed

The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning for New York City and surrounding areas, effective at 1:00, this afternoon, although precipitation, as rain, is not expected before 4:00. Moderate to heavy wet snow is perilous, but for us, the timing couldn't be better.

Monday, 5:00 a.m.: Snow totals in New York City - toned down to "measurable" from "heavy" snow - appear to be far less than predicted, and with temperatures staying above freezing, streets are mostly clear. Also, on the plus side, mild temperatures have left what snow did fall perfect for building snowmen and snow forts on a day off for public schools.

4:18 p.m. the snow has begun falling lightly. RIOC's weather update says...

NO PARKING, NO STOPPING OR NO STANDING” on Main St. or the East and West Roadways from, Sun, 3/3/19 at 4:00PM THRU Mon, 3/4/19 at 6:00PM  in order for snow preparation and subsequent removal to take place. Free parking for residents ONLY at Motorgate Garage during this time.   Proof of residency and vehicle registration must be presented upon entering.  Vehicle must be registered to Roosevelt Island residents.  Vehicles may utilize the Motorgate parking starting at 4PM, Sunday, March 3, 2019 and must be moved by 6PM on Monday March 4, 2019 when Main Street reopens for parking.   Call PSD for more info: 212-832-4545 or call Motorgate: 212-832-4585

The temperature is not expected to fall below 35 degrees, but the NWS expects a high around 40 to drop quickly enough, late this afternoon, to change over from rain to snow by early evening.

That eliminates travel woes for most of the day, and while heavy precipitation, as rain, snow or a mix, will follow, it should end before daybreak tomorrow, giving plows plenty of time for a head start on clean up before morning rush intensifies. From 3 to 6 inches of snow predicted.

Here's the video forecast:



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