A Messy Evening Is Unlikely Host to Improving Weather

Winter Storm Warning for Tonight on Roosevelt Island

Updated 42 weeks ago David Stone
Winter Storm Warning for Tonight on Roosevelt Island

Winter storm warnings generate groans in adults, dreams of days off from school for children and anxious rushes to buy staples before the bad weather hits, but this one, genuine as it may be, may not be worthy of all that reaction. Here's why.

The warning, in effect from 5:00 p.m. today until 7:00 tomorrow morning, seems to have been conditioned by an abundance of caution. It could be worse than what seems likely, but even if it is, it's impact will be lessened by good timing and an abundance of fair weather ahead.

It's an anomaly for sure to have heavy snow - 4 to 7 inches are predicted - herald a wave of fair weather, but the scenario is about as good as anyone could wish for, except kids who will have to race to build snowmen only to see them melt the next day.

Winter Storm Warning for Tonight on Roosevelt Island

First good sign: by the time snow begins falling, late this afternoon or early in the evening, temperatures will have risen into the mid to upper 30s, well above freezing. It'll be more messy than risky.

Not only will we never see freezing, temperatures are expected to rise and approach 50 on Sunday and Presidents Day on Monday. But the best is yet to come.

After a predicted high in the 60s on Tuesday, forecasters tell us that 72 (!) is expected on Wednesday.

Don't get out the suntan lotion yet and do be cautious late tonight, but don't make a panicked run for bread and water either. 

Enjoy the pretty white coating overnight. It isn't going to last.

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