David Stone
Update: Fetch Those Layers and Get Out Your Boots: Winter Comes Calling, This Weekend

Chances for a winter storm increase as we head into Saturday night, no snow, slush or ice in the forecast. A low around freezing will be joined by a mix of rain and snow, maybe 1 to 3 inches of it. That's the balmier part of the story.

Update, 4:00 a.m., Sunday: This storm is an all-rain event. Sunday starts out with saturating rain and a morning high rising to near 50, but the rain ends and temperatures start falling around noon, reaching freezing after dark. A fast freeze is not likely. Streets are likely to be blown dry before we see 32.

Monday will be cold, but not quite as cold as originally predicted with a high near 20.


You might be tempted to think the weather's taking a pleasant turn as Sunday morning sees an early high near 40... that will be obliterated by 20 to 30 mile per hour north winds that drive temperatures to around 25 by day's end and rain changes to ice and snow.

Before getting worse.

You'll only have to navigate an inch or so, but you might be better off sipping hot chocolate indoors as the winds turn north-northwest and push an overnight low into single digits. Weather.com predicts we'll go all the way to 7. Others say, maybe, 4. 

But do those 3 degrees really matter?

On Monday, when we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, the wintry grip holds firm with a gusty high of only 15.

By Wednesday, a thawing 40 degrees may feel like spring. It won't be. Wet snow's in the forecast for Thursday.