New Venture by David Nasser, Owner of Wholesome Factory & Liquor Store

Work Begins on Café Wine Bar at 501 Main

Updated 28 weeks ago David Stone
Interior construction underway for café and wine bar at 501 Main  Street.
Interior construction underway for café and wine bar at 501 Main Street.
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The Roosevelt Islander recently reported that the owner of Wholesome Factory and Island Wines and Spirits expects to open a much anticipated café and wine bar at 501 Main Street in "a couple of months." That seems optimistic, but work has begun.

In October, 2016, David Nasser appeared before Community Board 8, a regulatory requirement, on the way to acquiring a liquor license for the location.

New York City covets a fast-paced reputation, but when it comes to retail construction, snails outrun a bureaucracy prone to frustrate everyone running its adversarial gauntlet.

Three years to reopen Trellis as Nisi...? One seasoned local wag suggested, off the cuff, that the delay was caused by Nisi's owners not paying off the right people, but let's leave that one alone, for now.

In any case, two years after Main Street Retail manager Hudson announced a lease in place, internal work is underway.

Conditions are not much advanced. Metal framework and wooden planks that will never be seen again after the business opens are all we have so far.

But it's progress, undeniable.

No work on Onda, the Mexican restaurant announced by Hudson at the same time.


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