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Roosevelt Islander Brings New York's Best Bakery To Your Door

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Roosevelt Islander Brings New York's Best Bakery To Your Door

"But basically, it’s like having a direct line to the best bakery," Adrian De Felice said, excitedly explaining how he found a way to deliver New York City's best baked goods, from Pain d’Avignon, direct to your door.

Before the coronavirus slammed the city, Pain d’Avignon delighted New York City in the best restaurants and in a couple of their own direct outlets.

Baked goods, made with high-quality sourced flour and a natural process that features fermentation for at least 24 hours, bring unmatched flavor, texture and shelf life to the breads.

Sourdough loaves, baguettes, croissants, Pain au Chocolate and a weekly chief-created Breakfast Box keep their ovens hot.

Roosevelt Islander Brings New York's Best Bakery To Your Door

Quick tip: Get FREE DELIVERY this weekend by entering this code when you check out: DOUGHY 

Then Most Everything Fell To Coronavirus 

Enter Adrian De Felice and Doughy, an online resource for home delivery of Pain d’Avignon's spectacular lineup.

"Due to the pandemic their wholesale business has slowed down dramatically, and in order to survive, we started doing home deliveries. For the first time ever!" he adds.

It's all artisanal... What's on the menu?

Everyday (Bread):

  • 2 lb Sourdough Long (can also have seeds).
  • Traditional Baguette (top seller).
  • Cranberry Pecan Long.
  • Brioche Pullman (Sandwich loaf)
  • 7 Grain Pullman (Sandwich loaf)
  • 3 lb Anadama Round (which is a traditional bread of New England)

Weekend (plus everything available above):

  • Classic Croissants, 4 or 6 pack
  • Pain au Chocolate, 4 or 6 pack
  • Chocolate Cookies, 4 or 6 pack
  • Cranberry Pecan Cookies, 4 or 6 pack
  • Breakfast box (our pastry chef creates these every week, they are incredible)


Roosevelt Islander Brings New York's Best Bakery To Your Door

Important To Keep In Mind: All items are made per order. Doughy sends orders to the bakery at noon, each day. Because each is individually prepared, baked and delivered, allow at least 48 hours for delivery.

Here's How-To:

Step One: Find Doughy's Menu Online 

Step Two: Order Up A Delicious Selection Of Anything You Want

Step Three: Enjoy

If you have any questions, contact Doughy by email by clicking here.

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